the shining project* is a loose cooperation of graduates from the Academy of Fine Arts Dresden, who come together in order to realize an exhibition once a year under the term "shining" to. The exhibition series began in 2012 at the Leipzig art space Westwerk. At shining # 1, the eight participating artists sat apart with the ambivalent images of success and glory, the promise of happiness and wrong turns on the way to "immortality" in the art system.

Participating artists:

shining #1
Yasmin Alt, Stefan Eichhorn, Elisabeth Gerdeman, Annett Gerlach, Ulrike Mundt, Gernot Schindowski, Heinz Schmöller, Nadja Schütt

Coming Soon:

shining #2
Anne Adelt, Yasmin Alt, Tina Beifuss, Paul Elsner, Annett Gerlach, Shauna Merriman, Ulrike Mundt, Daniel Rode, Gernot Schindowski, Heinz Schmöller, Nadja Schütt